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Questions and answers about shared webhosting

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How To Write A Letter That Gets You A Face-to-Face Meeting

Wed, 29 Apr 2009 11:11:36 -0400
It's a simple fact. The best way to sell anything is face-to-face. When you're literally in the room with a prospect, you can probe for areas of customer interest, read body-language, sell with emotion and personality, answer objections, and most importantly, close the sale. In the old days, the Fuller Brush man, the Avon Lady, and other intrepid souls would make the rounds and work their magic in person, right in the prospect's living room.

Obviously, today, marketers can't afford to have a sales force contact every single prospect personally. So we use direct mail, e-mail, advertising, etc., as proxies for a flesh and blood sales force. We must depend, as Grey Advertising put it, on "salesmanship in print."

This means that lead generation is the name of the game. We use irresistible free offers to get people to raise their hands and only then put precious human assets in touch with them (telemarketers, regional salespeople, etc.).

Also, in order for your visitor to easily access your site by name, you will need a domain name such as

Selecting a Web Host for Your Website

Mon, 16 Feb 2009 18:33:42 -0500
When it comes to selecting a web host, you are not slim for options. There are various types, but how do you know which will produce the most satisfying results for your website? First you must determine your website’s needs, taking into account the desired size, purpose, and management of your website. Then you will be ready to understand your options and select the best available hosting service.

Free web hosting is perfect for small, personal websites that only exist to share information with small groups of people. Though you may be bombarded by pop-up advertisements and have very limited storage space, bandwidth, and other features, free web hosting is just what it name says it is: free. Free hosting services are definitely not able to support a business or other more demanding causes.

Shared web hosting is a good option for business-related websites and sites that serve larger groups of people. This service uses a “server” or single computer to hold many websites at a time, depending upon its hardware, the type of company, and its cost. The speed, cost, and overall quality vary greatly between shared web hosts, so it’s best to have an idea of your website’s CPU time and bandwidth requirements before you make your selection. Although shared web hosting is often a reliable option for both personal and business use, you may need to look elsewhere if your website requires heavy resource allotment.

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