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1and1 is providing Linux web hosting services, has been founded in 1997 and now
it's eleven years in business. average uptime is 99.994% (rank #812 on our directory) with total
83480 successful and 5 failed checks, monitored since 2005-09-19. Similar
companies with 99.994% uptime are and

Search for "" on 3 biggest search engines returns average of 210666
results so company name popularity rank is #41.

There have been 48 positive votes for 1and1 and 60 negative. And overall company
rank on our directory is #73 (similar companies are and

Web Hosting Packages

1&1 Beginner Plan (Type: Linux) - 10 GB space, 300 GB bandwidth for $3.99/mo

1&1 Home Plan (Type: Linux) - 1200 GB space, 1200 GB bandwidth for $4.99/mo

1&1 Business Plan (Type: Linux) - 250 GB space, 2500 GB bandwidth for $9.99/mo

1&1 Developer Plan (Type: Linux) - 300 GB space, 3000 GB bandwidth for $19.99/mo

Some technical data about

IP Location: Schlund + Partner Ag

Blacklist Status: Blacklisted

Nameserver: NS27.1and1.COM


Server Type: Apache/1.3.33 (Debian GNU/Linux) mod_ssl/2.8.22 OpenSSL/0.9.7e

Website Title: 1&1 Internet Inc. - Web Hosting Services and Domain Name

Description: Providers of web hosting services, domain names, and email
solutions for personal and business websites. Services include Linux and
Microsoft hosting, domain registrations, ecommerce hosting, MS SharePoint, MS
Exchange, server hosting.

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Some bonus features 1and1 offers

If you're not completely happy within 90 days from placing an order with 1&1,
you�ll receive your money back � no questions asked.

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WebHostingTalk Database Compromised with Credit Card Stolen

Wed, 08 Apr 2009 03:30:21 +0000

Started work at 9:30am this morning and saw Ross’ Twitter status:

Twitter Status

Wasn’t their database compromised, offsite backup erased, and hashed password stolen about two weeks ago? So I headed to WebHostingTalk, and got the iNET’s web page instead with status updates. It’s not looking good.

What data was compromised?
At this point, we know that the hacker compromised and has publicly posted credit card information from our self-service billing system currently used for sticky posts (located at This system was also used for display (banner) advertising in prior to December 2007.

You’ll get a lot more discussion on this matter from other web hosting related forums. Some have been able to download the entire creditcard table with name, card number, CCV number, etc attached. Some have claimed that some number have already been used in China. With hashed-password stolen, it’s already quite possible to run dictionary attack on those foolish enough to reuse passwords across multiple sites (LxLabs’ billing system got compromised for example). With subscribers’ CC details stolen — it must suck to be iNET right now.

December 2004

Wed, 15 Dec 2004 13:43:59 -0400
Web Host Industry Review Magazine - January/February 2005Table of Contents

Return of the ASP

Microsoft Takes Aim

Hosting BitTorrent

European Report

Hosting Microsoft Exchange

Data Center Start-Ups

Overall, it didn’t make me laugh out loud – but didn’t annoy me either, so it belongs on the list.  It is “T and A” meets the three stooges.  So what do you think about this one, was it a hit or a miss?  Share your thoughts, and there will be another look back at the GoDaddy commercials tomorrow.

Why go virtual?

Fri, 27 Mar 2009 00:31:08 +0000
You may have heard about VPS hosting.  What is it, and why should you care?

If you need the power of a dedicated server, but can’t afford the price, there is an option. A “virtual” dedicated server uses software like Virtuozzo. A key advantage to a VPS is that it divides a dedicated ...]

Where did all the free web hosts go?

Wed, 04 Apr 2007 10:33:28 EST
A long, long time ago free web hosts were the coolest thing on the internet
and most, if not all, non-commercial websites were hosted by one. You don't
hear that much about free hosting anymore so I though it would be interesting
to check out what has happened to the free web hosts that I have used.

What you know about the content of a web-site?

Mon, 19 May 2008 21:13:26 +0000
When you decide to create a web-site don’t think that any content will do for it. Of course a good navigation and pleasant colors will be to your visitors’ liking. But it is also very important to think over the content of your site and choose the correct character of the text.
Firstly, the content of ...]

WWW or Without WWW

Tue, 13 Jan 2009 02:51:51 +0000
To avoid duplicate content (not relevant), you must chose using www or without www. Another consideration not using www:

www is sub domain
www makes URL longer

Before decide, you must check your www pagerank anda without www pagerank.
I prefer to use without www because makes shoter url.
You can redirect all hit on subdomain www to domain on ...]

We hope that the matter available here on dedicated servers review prove to be fruitful to you in your mission for enlightenment on dedicated servers review.

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Friday, May 08, 2009

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How to Write Good Content?

Thu, 07 May 2009 21:32:33 +0000
I am going to switch things up a bit today. I think we have all heard the rallying cry, have good quality content and people will flock to you. Question is what is good content and more to the point, how do you begin on making it?
It is fairly vague is it not; “content sells,” ...]


Fri, 10 Apr 2009 16:44:55 -0500
.Tel Blog, Dottel forum

Lightning Fast Network! 24/7 Support, FREE Setup

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Today's flash design companies Article

It is very much feasible that you may think differently about flash design companies once you complete reading this abstract on flash design companies. Keep speculating!

Compusa (Systemax, Inc.)
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server 4 is up again

Tue, 16 Oct 2007 00:25:35 +0200

Uptime Institute Says Power to Cost 300-2250% More Than Server Hardware; What Does This Mean?

Sun, 11 Mar 2007 22:31:00 -0400
By Isabel Wang

I came across Uptime Institute founder Ken Brill's CIO Magazine article via 3tera VP Marketing Bert Armijo's blog.

Ken says while hardware prices are falling, total cost of data center ownership is headed through the roof. 5 years from now, the purchase price for a rack of servers will drop 27.5% from $138K today to just $103K. But while it only takes 15 kilowatts to power that rack right now, the energy requirement will rise to 22 - 170 kilowatts by 2012. It could cost as much as $2.3 million to power/cool $103K worth of gear throughout its 3-year lifespan.

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Wordpress News : Five Tools to Increase the RSS Subscribers for your WordPress Blog

Thu, 07 May 2009 06:30:58 +0000
Wordpress is the most popular blogging platform and CMS which you can host with one of the leading web hosting providers of reliable and affordable wordpress hosting.

This wordpress news was blogged by WindowsObserver on 07 May 2009

When you build a website one of the things most people want are visitors. New visitors are great ...]

SiteGround web hosting company recently announced the start of its company blog. The blog will open new opportunities for a closer interaction with the customers and will provide ideas for further improvement of the customer service delivered by the company.

Most hosting companies will offer you a package including a domain name with the hosting of your site.

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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Best hosting providers

Today`s suggestion:

For almost all new website owners, finding the perfect host is a time consuming
and stressful process. works hard to simplify the process, and
makes choosing the perfect hosting package as easy as possible. They feature
packages that will suit websites of almost all types, no matter what the
bandwidth requirements, storage needs, or language support.

When you visit the hostgator website, you will first find several aspects of the
site itself that make moving forward intuitive. Their phone numbers are
immediately available should you have any questions, and several different
packages are only a click or two away. From their $4.95 per month shared hosting
package, to their dedicated server offerings starting from $174 per month, there
is a solution for all different budgets, levels of experience, and feature

For the experienced domain and hosting guru, website domain name
hosting offers free domain transfer, free file transfers, free database
transfers, and free script transfers, among other things. These services make
moving your existing websites to hostgator a breeze, allowing you to focus on
the more important aspects of website ownership, such as content creation and
customer service.

Speaking of customer support, hostgator offers amazing support to all customers,
no matter which hosting package they may subscribe to. From 24 hour telephone
support, to flash tutorials, to an extremely comprehensive knowledge base, makes getting your questions answered an exceedingly efficient and
rewarding process. No longer will you have to wait days to receive an e-mail
response from your current host. Answers to basic, account related questions, as
well as the most advanced technical questions, are just a phone call away at all
times. The phone support staff has proven to be quite helpful, and wait times
while seeking technical support of any kind is generally minimal.

Regarding their hosting packages, one of the more interesting and cost effective
packages seems to be the most popular option available on hostgator.Com. For
$7.95 per month, website owners can enjoy hosting unlimited websites, free
set-up, 600 gigabytes of storage, and 6,000 gigabytes of bandwidth. Given the
rates of other hosting providers for similar services, it is very easy to see
how inexpensive hostgator actually is.

Hosting your website doesn�t have to be a nightmare. By finding a quality host
that will assist you in the process of getting set up, such as,
you will be able to focus on promotional efforts, as opposed to constant
technical issues with your website itself.

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How to save money with web hosting coupons

Fri, 05 Sep 2008 06:52:59 +0000
Hosting coupons present a great solution for webmasters wanting to save money on purchases of hosting accounts, domain names and just about any other services imaginable. Numerous hosting providers have started using this marketing strategy extensively and customers are who stand to benefit the most. Taking advantage of these discounts is pretty straightforward and extremely ...]

Managed Web Hosting

Fri, 11 Apr 2008 16:05:27 +0000
The term managed web hosting typically refers to a dedicated server that is fully managed by the web hosting provider.
If you have a large and complex website that receives a lot of traffic you may find you�re your shared hosting plan is limiting your growth and the capacity to serve your customers. It may be ...]

p class="MsoNormalCxSpMiddle">(972) 788-9456, ext. 302

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p class="MsoNormalCxSpMiddle">PLANO, Texas – Feb. 10, 2009 Layered Technologies, Inc. (Layered Tech), a leading worldwide provider of on-demand IT infrastructure, today announced the addition of R1Soft Continuous Data Protection® (CDP) across its entire line of dedicated servers.  With R1Soft’s advanced data backup and restoral solution, Layered Tech customers gain near-continuous disk-to-disk data protection and restoration with minimal server performance impact, even on busy servers.  Layered Tech selected R1Soft CDP because of its unique restoral capabilities, which range from restoring single files to full bare-metal restores.

March 2009

Tue, 17 Mar 2009 11:40:51 -0400
Web Host Industry Review Magazine - March 2009Table of Contents

Issues & Trends

Stimulus Review

UK2 Building by Brand

Cloud Over Parrallels

Creative Marketing

Laughing Squid

Recommended inhoster hosting company Items

I've been with hostgator since around August of 2004. I signed up with a
reseller account to use as hosting for both myself and clients. My problems
began about a year ago with them, sometime in February or March of 2005 when one
of my sites was getting too much traffic. Now, I'm no fool. I understand that
shared hosting oversells and anyone who uses too many resources, even if still
within their quota, gets kicked off. What really shocked me, though, was no
warning. Not even emailing me after they had done it. Nothing, nada. I found out
by a member of the site that was suspended, someone I didn't even know, tracking
down my phone number and calling me.

I went to a dedicated server after that, but I kept my hostgator account for the
sites that were already hosted on it - about three client sites, as well as this
site right here.

Two days ago I come to post a blog and hmm, I get the suspended page. That's
weird. I check my email - no notices there. I log into their billing system -
nope, account not past due. What the heck? So I go to their online support chat
and ask them what's going on. I'm informed that I haven't paid my invoice. What
invoice? I have no invoice. I check my bank and I see that I in fact have not
paid them since January. But man, I could've swore I put it on automatic pay.
And hey, if there's no invoice, how can I pay anyway?! Isn't this a problem on
their end? They tell me I need to email sales.

Okay... so I email sales. 12 hours later, they email me back and inform me I
have an invoice, charging me all the way back to October. Uhhh? I KNOW I paid in
January, I have it in my bank statement. I check their billing system, and they
don't even have a backlog of that payment. Something really funky is going on
now. Their system is screwed up, but no matter who I talk to (and oh, I've
talked to everyone) nobody seems to know what's going on. Sales doesn't talk to
support, online support doesn't talk to phone support, so who the hell knows.

Strangely enough, while on the phone with a support guy who informed me I just
need to pay the invoice and then dispute it afterwards, I received an email from
a different support person that my account had been reactivated, and thank you
for the payment. Whaaat? Uh, whatever. At this point I'm just going to take what
I can get and run. Now I at least have backups of all my sites and am moving

It's just astounding how bad a service this has been. I even posted on their
forums about it, in their "Customer Review" section, and it gets MOVED to
another section because I can't post a bad customer review simply because I

Other problems I've had? Well, let's see. About a week ago my sites reverted
back a day and I could get no explanation on why. I had JUST looked at my access
logs the day before, happy about a new site that was already getting hits, and
the next day - logs are back to a day before. Weird. I contact online support
(bad idea, since it's always horrible support) and they have no idea. I guess I
imagined things?

UPDATE 4-20-07: Well, they finally just simply decided to take their bogus bonus
from my credit card that was filed with them, despite the fact that it's
incorrect, I didn't approve of the payment, or anything else. I've never seen
such bad service, support in my life. I can't even be bothered to dispute it
it's just so amazingly horrible.

UPDATE 10-18-07: I'm still with them, why? I don't know - so lazy when it comes
to my own websites. Anyway, so a couple days ago I notice my "main" reseller
account, the site is completely missing. Email is no longer working. I log into
Cpanel to see that it appears my whole site has disappeared. Cute!

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