Tuesday, September 30, 2008

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I saw this story at Web Host Magazine reporting on Web sites that naively call for user input, then fail to put strict checks on what that input may be, are susceptible to SQL injection attacks. Security is an oft overlooked issue for many of us who own and operate multiple sites. Now just might be a good time to check under the hood of your server for any potential exploits. Procrastinate on other things, not your site security!

This is one of the best reverse ip tools I have ever seen. Most reverse ip tools do not show you nearly all the sites hosted on a server and sometimes there users are even charged for a premium service to use the full tool. At first, I thought it was capable of actually displaying all domains hosted on a server. However, it doesn’t because I checked one of my servers and it got only 3 out of 7 domains on ip address. But, in other cases it seems to list a long list of domains hosted on a server. Over at digg.com, users are having fun poking around on government and scientology sites to see what domains are hosted.

Format might have changed a little but one thing will never change, I’m hyped, excited and ready to deliver you the best hosting podcast you’ve heard in a long time.

Lately, hostican hosting had upgrade their shared hosting plan and vps hosting plan. Offering more hosting features at better price. The hostican hosting services are very reliable and offering at very good service uptime. If you need a TRUELY professional hosting plan, hostican hosting is what you need.

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anhosting.com offers two distinct shared web hosting plans, the Mega-Plan, and
the Mega-Plan Plus web hosting plan. The Mega-Plan is offered at $6.95/month and
the Mega-Plan Plus is offered at $9.95/month. The discount for both plans are
based on a 1-year contract. Both plans also provide the user with a free domain
for life, in addition to a $50 Yahoo ad credit, $25 Google ad credit, $25
enhance search credit and a $20 search 1-2-3 credit. Both plans are backed by a
30-day money back guarantee, in addition to a 99.9% uptime guarantee. As a
member of the BBBOnline reliability program, the client is assured that the
99.9% server uptime has been monitored on a regular basis and has been deemed to
meet all of the stringent criteria of the program.

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We have not left any stone unturned in compiling this article on affordable colocation. If you do find any unturned stones, do contact us!

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